About Us

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In 2007, I was an employee at a casino. One day upon entering my home, I was greeted by my two-year-old son. He was just beginning to formulate words and he asked me "Papa work at squeenos?" His pronunciation of the word casino was squeenos. From that point, I loved the word and I decided to keep and use it for something later on. What that something was 'later on' I had no idea.

Fast forward 12 years later. After many entrepreneurial endeavors, I came up with the idea to have photos taken of people and place them in a fun theme border, without using a photo booth. From various events, parties, and fundraisers, I started to believe I was on to something special.

After hearing positive customer feedback and speaking with many satisfied customers, I was encouraged to grow this idea. The element I was missing was a name. What could I call this? And then it came to me...

Picture of the Squeeno Logo