General FAQ

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I see a “Quality Control” mark on my in cart Squeenos, will it be there when they are printed?

No, the quality control mark will not be printed on your finished Squeenos

Will I receive a digital copy of my Squeenos?

No, Squeenos are a 4” x 6” print mailed to its destination. No digital copies are sent.

Can I use high resolution photos in my Squeenos?

Yes, you can use high resolution photos. The higher the resolution, the better the outcome.

What is the Quality of the printed Squeenos?

Our Squeenos are printed with photo quality on high gloss paper

I am having difficulty fitting my photo into the Squeenos border, what can I do?

Try to set your Squeenos as close to desired as possible. During the checkout process, you can leave instructions for help with correcting your Squeenos

I am purchasing many Squeenos, can I send them all to different locations?

A bulk purchase of Squeenos will only be sent to one destination. Many individual purchases can be made to send Squeenos to many locations

I would like to purchase 25 to 50 or more copies of a Squeenos. Is there a discount for Bulk purchases?

Please contact us through our site for this type of order, as we can help you find the best deal for your needs

I am looking for a Squeenos frame that is out of season. Is there some way to find it?

Yes, go to our catalogue section of our site. There you can choose to view any category in our database by selecting the appropriate check box

I have an idea for a frame I would like created. Can make it for me?

Yes, would be delighted to make your idea come to life! Please submit the idea through our Contact Us page

I did not receive my Squeenos or the quality of the Squeenos is poor. What do I do?

Please Contact Us as soon as you are aware of the issue. Be sure to include your order number. We do our best to monitor prompt and accurate delivery of High Quality Squeenos